Easy Steps to Renting a Vacation Home

It may look like booking a holiday rental could be just as easy as popping on a hotel website and booking the space you want, but that is sadly not true! So as to be the best prepared you can be for your holiday while ensuring you find the very best holiday rental experience possible, here are a couple of simple steps to consider when renting a holiday home to ensure that you find yourself where you want to be.

1. Start planning as early in advance as possible. Some holiday homes are in such high demand they’re booked 6 months to a year beforehand! If you don’t need to rely on a cancellation to receive your ideal rental dates, then start looking and booking today.

2. Know exactly what you want. In case you’ve got 5 people going on holiday you probably are not going to all want to push into a tiny one bedroom holiday rental flat, right? Make sure to know how many individuals will be going on holiday with you and what your favorite living situation is. If you know you are interested in being in a particular location (close to the beach or in the hills, for example) look for properties in these locations. You have the ability to decide precisely what amenities you want in your vacation rental, so don’t be afraid to be picky!

3. Choose a few properties to follow up on. When you have narrowed it down to about 3-5 properties you’re interested in contact with the owners or the realtor responsible for managing the property. Start dialoguing together and before you know it you have your holiday rental!

4. Research. Before you commit to anything make certain to validate the information that the owner or property manager has given you. Look up the address on Google to make sure that the location is in the ideal neighborhood and is as near what the property manager/owner says it is. Do your homework on this property just a little bit like a excellent house detective- it’s all your responsibility to uncover the facts!

5. Confirm a contract. In case you have opted to proceed with a particular property make sure to cover the contract (that should be written out) with the property manager or owner and verify all the details on security deposits, pet policies, and cleaning fees.

6. Ask all of the questions. Request any remaining questions you might have concerning the policies or the property- do not leave anything up to chance!

7. Reserve your rental home. Congratulations! If you have made it this far you’ve successfully found a holiday rental to enjoy a terrific trip with your loved ones and friends. Now it’s time to put down your security deposit and prepare for a range of great memories. Make certain to confirm how you’re sending your payment to the proprietor, as some methods of payment are more protected than others.

8. Last and certainly not the least, enjoy your vacation rental!

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