Advantages Of Indoor Gardening Using Grow tents


Indoor gardening has become a hit amongst many people these days as it is a perfect way of getting more yield. Grow tent is the most convenient way to create the best environment to get more yield indoors. Among the tents, 4×4 grow tent is the best size for medium sized projects though they come in various sizes. As per researchers of you can grow many crops of different varieties all year round using the indoor space.  There are many benefits to be had with indoor gardening using grow tents compared to other ways of indoor gardening, listed below are a few of them.

Eat what you grow: Most fruits and vegetables that you consume might have been produced using harmful fertilizers and pesticides, growing them yourself at your indoor garden eliminates that risk of consuming unhealthy food. You are in control of the way you grow plants and hence can eat fruits and vegetables fresh and organic and also giving you the satisfaction of eating what you grow.

Grow tents consume less space: Indoor gardening is not only for people who have a large backyard but also for individuals who reside in small places as grow tents consume very less space. A window strip is enough to grow plants in a tent. A grow tent offers an environment which is suitable for producing any fruits or vegetables.

Grow tents helps control pests: Many people would have experienced pests like aphids and flies eating away the plants in their indoor garden. With the use of grow tents, your plants are shielded from such pests as they are designed to control the infestation of bugs.

Grow tents provide light: Plants require enough sunlight for their growth and survival. Hence it is crucial to get enough sunlight for the plants to strive. A plant growing indoors will at times not get enough natural sunlight and hence light will have to be provided artificially. Grow tents offer a reflective material on the inside which will disperse light and hence even a small amount of sunlight is enough as it bounces light throughout the tent. You can also add extra lighting if the natural light is not enough and due to its reflective material, it is more efficient than using led lights which contributes towards saving money on electricity bills.

Comes in different sizes:

The grow tents come in various sizes and hence can be used for plants of any size and any stage. When you plan to buy a grow tent it is best to find the right size as plants will need enough space for their growth. Also, make sure you do not have too many plants in a single grow tent as they may obstruct each other’s growth.

A variety of crops can be grown indoors, but when considering the plant’s need for light, water and soil before picking the plant you want to grow. A high quality produces tent will be robust and made of a thick material which will also ensure its durability. It comes with frames made of metal which gives strength to the tent. They have water resistant floors and trays that prevent water or any other spillage onto the floor.